COVID-19 Virus update

I had hoped to start running hands-on courses again in July. Unfortunately the third COVID-19 wave precludes this. I hope I will be able to do so in September.

 The shop at Midrand is open for the sale of router tables, mortice jigs, exact-width dado jigs etc. Give me a call if you need anything.





The router is the tool that has had the greatest impact on both DIY and professional woodworking. With a router you can trim edges that are dead-straight and dead-square. You can cut dados, rebates and grooves. The router is an excellent joint-cutting machine: mortices, tenons, dovetails, finger joints and a wide range of other joints fall within its scope. Patterns can be accurately reproduced, a wide range of decorative mouldings can be cut and many more wood machining operations can be performed. To achieve this flexibility the router often needs to be augmented with jigs, guides and patterns. This provides me with the scope to offer a variety of courses, accessories and services.

Router school. Learn to exploit the potential of your router and bring a new degree of proficiency, efficiency and accuracy to a wide variety of woodworking projects. A series of introductory, intermediate and advanced half-day courses are offered. Click here for a course schedule.

Other courses. In addition to router courses I teach these important courses: Fundamentals of woodworking joints. What joint should I use?
Understanding wood. Learn more about the material you use.
Dealing with wood movement. Learn to cope with a fundamental and universal shortcoming of wood.
Using a bandsaw.
Make the most of this versatile saw.
Using a planer/thicknesser.
Good work starts with good stock preparation.

Router shop. Router table top/fence packages, router bits, router accessories, clamps  and a range of router jigs such as morticing jigs.

Services. Consulting, design, help with a project, ad-hoc machining, purpose-built jigs and patterns. Solving problems with wood movement (warping and cracking) is one of my specialities.

Suggestions. I often get asked "Don't you know where I can get ....."? To try and help with these and similar questions I have added a suggestions section to my website. I hope it will help you find what you are looking for.

Articles. An index to help you find one of my The Home Handyman articles in your library.

 Last updated 25 July 2021